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Cumbria Growth Hub Podcast

May 13, 2024

Winning moves is a social enterprise combining business diagnostic, digital, and research and evaluation consultancy with the aim of improving economic, environmental and societal outcomes. 

We’re joined by Colin Bell and Maddison Walker to discuss the topic of innovation in business and Winning Moves’ new Innovation Sprint project delivered as part of the Cumbria Accelerator.  

Our conversation covers:

  •        Why is innovation important
  •         Why do some businesses struggle to innovate
  •         Breathing life into old products
  •         What help is available to businesses
  •         Fostering a culture of innovation
  •         The role of leadership
  •         Common misconceptions
  •         Collaboration
  •         Managing risk
  •         Communicating to stakeholders
  •         Future trends shaping innovation in business

Find out more about Innovation Sprint: