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Cumbria Growth Hub Podcast

Jul 12, 2023

On this month's episode we're joined by Rebecca Smith of Box Box Solutions. As a business and management consultant Rebecca frequently looks for new and innovative solutions to problems faced by her clients. One of those is distributed leadership, a model which moves decision making from one individual to a collective group.

In our conversation, we discuss distributed leadership, its advantages and how to start incorporating it into an organisation. We also discuss Rebecca's two free-to-attend webinars coming up in July with Cumbria Business Growth Hub:

  • 20th July - How to create your MISSION, VISION, PURPOSE AND VALUES - Book here
  • 27th July - How to create your HIGH-LEVEL BUSINESS PLAN - Book here

Links to the videos discussed in the podcast:

  • Gitte Frederiksen - Great leadership is a network, not a hierarchy - Watch here